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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  February 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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we're seeing it right now, but it's already moving into montgomery and bucks county. and it's a steady light snow in the poconos where the higher elevations could see an inch of snow but much less north and west. the lehigh valley a dusting to half an inch. in fact there's already some snow on the ground. and now it is moving into upper montgomery and bucks county. new hanover getting light snow. and it's making progress moving towards philadelphia. you will see it this morning. but not this afternoon. something else you won't see this afternoon temperatures in the 40s. northeast philadelphia right now, it's 41 degrees. but pottstown is beginning to cool down with this snow moving in. south philadelphia is 41 degrees. roxboro right now is 38. stand by for temperatures to plummet with snow coming down this morning, that will bring the temperature down to 30 degrees at 9:00. again, just a dusting for parts of the area. by lunchtime, though the snow is done. the wind gets stronger. 30 degrees at lunchtime. and getting colder at 3:00. 26 degrees and still falling
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later today. we'll go through it hour by hour neighborhood by neighborhood. right now katy zachry is in lehigh county in emmaeus. what you got right now? >> reporter: hi bill the wind has died down which is nice if you're out here in the snow. it's really light flakes. we're at a gas station near the corner of 6th & chestnut. drivers tell me the roads really aren't bad. they're wet. if we take a look out here at the street you can see that the snow is not sticking. it's really melting on contact with the pavement. if we swing the camera around you can see on some of the sidewalks over here there's a slight accumulation especially on parked cars. you're definitely going to need to dust off your windshield because we are seeing a light snow. but it is falling. i would say we have about a half an inch on this car. and it's been snowing here for about the last hour. so bill says we'll see half an
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inch, maybe a little bit more up here in the lehigh valley. we've been checking in on the road conditions throughout the area. no major issues throughout the area because of this weather. but for the woman who knows better than any of us about road conditions, let's go to jillian mele in our traffic center. hi jillian. >> good morning to you. it's interesting, you can see how much snow is falling. you see katy's old white marks from about a half hour ago. you need to slow down and take your time out there. this is a live look at route 222 at route 100. you can see the snowflakes on the camera there. even on the road surface there, it looks like it's going to be pretty slippery. just take your time and expect to see slippery conditions. pennsylvania turnpike is still looking pretty good so far this morning. no accidents, no delays. about 22 minutes both ways between ben salem and valley forge. watch out when that snow comes closer to the philadelphia area. some of your bridge surfaces like the ben franklin betsy ross, walt whitman, those surfaces could get slippery.
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right now we're not reporting any delays across any of the bridges. if you're taking mass transit, everything is on or close to schedule. tracy? new from overnight, residents escaped a fire in a row home in west philadelphia. it broke out around 12:30 this morning in the basement after i home on katherine street. firefighters put it out and everyone inside got out safely. 6:03. happening today, an ocean county man faces sentencing for his son's deadly shooting of a playmate. anthony senator of toms river pleaded guilty to child endangerment. his 4-year-old son and 6-year-old friend were playing when his son went into the house, grabbed his dad's rifle and shot the 6-year-old. senator said he left the loaded gun under his bed. this morning a former delaware county police officer is facing more trouble. two years after losing his job. lower merion police say trevor barham told them he was still a police officer when they pulled him over in october. he is charged with impersonating a public official in lower merion township. police fired parham two
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different times. the last time was back in 2013 after parham tasered a teenager who was shackled to a bench in a holding cell. two former philadelphia police officers will be spending years in prison for robbing drug dealers while on duty. jonathan garcia got more than 17 years in prison. his former partner got more than five years. the two admitted to staging fake arrests and stealing cash and drugs from those dealers. police say a 67-year-old man shot a would-be robber in the head killing him. upper darby police say the man was walking along a trail yesterday in cobbs creek park when a masked man pointed a gun in his face and demanded money. police say the victim whose license to carry pulled out a gun and killed the robber. police call it self-defense. >> i personally spoke with him. he was very upset that this incident happened but at the end of the day, i don't see any criminal charges whatsoever.
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and to be quite frank with you, i think he did what he had to do. >> police later found out that the gun used by the would-be robber was just a pellet gun. the victim is at the hospital being treated for chest pains. police have not released the name of the suspect. the parents of that baby attacked by a ferret in delaware county must undergo psychiatric evaluations within the next month. yesterday a judge made that ruling for jessica benales and bernie fraine. they said the couple is fit to care for all five of their children. they're charged with child endangerment after the family's pet ferret attacked the 1-month-old daughter. >> have you ever seen somebody's face eaten off that's 1 month old? you'd have a special interest in it, too, if you seen that. >> it was an accident involving a fehr right. just because it's an accident doesn't make something criminal. >> now, the baby and the other children are in foster care for now.
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police say the little girl will need more surgery. and today camden superintendent will release a progress report on his 18-month plan to turn around city schools. he launched the strategic plan a year ago. it includes improving student safety and support and refurbishing old school buildings. this morning the superintendent will join camden's mayor and police chief to update the community and outline what still needs to be done. meanwhile, today in montgomery county parents and religious leaders will call on the state to come up with a different approach to funding schools. the group says they want a funding formula that is based on the actual costs of educating students. this morning they'll hold a news conference at central technical high school in plymouth meeting. that briefing will happen just before a hearing by the pennsylvania basic education funding commission. 6:06. here's an update on what we
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brought you as breaking news yesterday. it's now nighttime in taiwan. crews continue to search for 11 people still missing following yesterday's plane crash there. an aviation official says the pilot of the transasia flight said "mayday mayday engine flameout" just moments before the plane clipped a highway bridge and crashed. dashcam video appears to show the left turbo propeller at a standstill as the plane went down. the crash killed at least 32 people and injured 15. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> tracking some light snow right now. it will be moving through the philadelphia area during the morning commute. but it will be gone this afternoon. it will be pushed out of here by gusty winds. those are going to be cold wind winds, too. temperatures plummeting. bitter cold on tap for tonight. you'll really start to feel it later today. right now it's cold in the poconos. light snow has continued for the last couple hours in mount pocono. 20 degrees. trenton is at 38. it's above freezing in dover at
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36. there light snow in camelback. this is a live view from camelback. you can see some blowing of the snow, though. that's the wind that we're going to feel this afternoon. the snow is falling in allentown, reading. and it's now moving into upper chester, montgomery and bucks counties as well. this will be creating just a dusting for most areas north and west. it's already starting to taper off just northwest of scranton right now. it's not going to last very long. and it does look like it's going to move through the i-95 corridor. this is your hour-by-hour forecast. 8:00 this morning, that's light snow coming down. look at the difference in temperatures. right now it's 41 in northeast philadelphia. it will be 28 degrees by 8:00. that light snow really tapers off by 9:00. and by 10:00, we'll just be watching those temperatures. they'll be down to 24 degrees in allentown north and west. and the numbers will come down during the afternoon in philadelphia. at lunchtime, 30 degrees in the city. later this afternoon, strong gusty winds.
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we'll watch those numbers drop into the teens and 20s later today. so stand by to bundle up for this afternoon. and watch out for snow this morning and slick spots. snow will disappear as winds kick in and bring the cold weather back into the area. i'll show you how long the cold will last with the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. just about 6:10 this thursday morning. this is the 6:00 hour typically when volume builds. >> let's check on the rush hour with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. >> good morning. if you're on 95 southbound slowing down. normal volume starting to build. this is a live look in burks county. morgantown specifically pennsylvania turnpike right at that morgantown interchange. we have snowy conditions out there. just light snowfall. but it's enough to make the roads appear to be wet. so that's when we can really see slippery conditions out there. just slow down and take your time if you're in burks county lehigh valley right now. drive times if you're waking up in delaware 95 both directions
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between 295 and 495. you can see we're getting the green light. average speeds in the mid-60s. drive times between those two points about 9 to 11 mbtinutes. doctors say this flu season has been a bad one and it's not over yet. and you might be out of luck finding one popular medication to help ease the symptoms. we're digging to find out why. and a live look outside right now. this is emmaus. light snow. allentown, reading, moving into upper chester and bucks county. not going to last long. what will last for a little while are the bitter cold temperatures that are coming behind this snow. we'll get details from bill henley coming up.
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at 6:13 we're following breaking news out of massachusetts. and here's a live picture from the scene. investigators say a gunman shot
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a police officer as he was responding to a violent situation. this is just outside boston. here's what we do know. police were called. there was reported violence against two victims. police get there, there was a shooting. two people were shot including the police officer. state police are not saying if the other victim was the gunman. the injured officer, we do know was taken via helicopter to a hospital. we'll continue to follow this story and bring you new information as soon as we get it. police are warning parents about a string of attempted child abductions. police say a man grabbed an 11-year-old boy while he walked to school. also a man driving an suv approached a girl outside a school in reading and someone approached another girl in bern township. now on tuesday, we showed you this sketch of the suspect. police say all the cases could be related, but there are few differences. officers are stepping up patrols near schools and bus stops.
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more paul moriarty says he felt humiliated when he was handcuffed and charged in a traffic stop in 2012, a stop that was later ruled illegal. that was part of his testimony in a courtroom in woodbury yesterday. moriarty was the first witness to take the stand against washington township police officer joseph de bonaventura. he's charged with falsifying records and official police misconduct. >> i was pulled over, accused of cutting somebody off, accused of having a smell of alcohol. i'm, like, what's going on here? it was like "the twilight zone." >> the officer is suspended from duty right now. his attorney says he was given a tip that moriarty was possibly drunk before he made that traffic stop. this morning we have new information on an effort to raise money for security cameras in reading. so far businesses and private citizens have donated about three-quarters of the $80,000 they need.
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officials say it doesn't have the money for eight more cameras so leaders started a gofundme page online. officials say the cameras are not only valuable investigative tools, they make people feel safer. when it comes to the number of flu cases this winter our area covers the entire range. chester county has the fewest cases in our area but lehigh county has the most. and the second highest amount in all of pennsylvania. now, take a look at the number of flu cases in pennsylvania over the past few years. and now look at the spike for 2014 into 2015. and this season's flu vaccine is only 25% effective. tamiflu could reduce symptoms but it's not a cure-all. some of your local pharmacy there's a shortage. medical professionals tell us more doctors prescribing tamiflu is spiking demand for the medicine. in most cases tamiflu is made six months ahead of time based on demand before -- from the year before. >> they can make more. it takes time. think of it as a bakery. you have so much dough. you've got -- you have to -- it
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takes time to make it. >> now, it's a good idea to call ahead to pharmacies to see if tamiflu is in stock. if not, most hospitals have a stockpile for flu outbreaks like the one we're seeing now. 6:17. president obama is ending the u.s. military in liberia to fight ebola. about 1700 troops will return home this week. more will come back in march. there were nearly 3,000 soldiers there in december. they helped build clinics and provide medical training. the scaling back as ebola infection rates in liberia have fallen to near zero. 6:17. time to get another check on traffic. >> light snow moves through. jillian mele is monitoring those conditions on the roadroads. jillian? >> heavy womanvolume continuing to build. you can see the slowdown from cottman down to gerard is where we're seeing the bulk of the delay on 95. that's pretty average for this
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time of day. blue route and drive times between 95 and 76 you're seeing drive times of about 15 to 16 minutes. we're just now starting to see a little bit of congestion near route 1. blue route not dealing with too many big delays and no accidents to report there. if you're taking mass transit, everything is looking good. no delays on new jersey transit. patco is on time. septa, everything is on or close to schedule. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> here comes the snow and then the cold brought to us by some gusty winds. we've got clouds right now over center city. and it's still warm outside right now. if you're headed out now, you'll think what's the big deal? temperatures above freezing. it will change in a hurry during the day. 38 degrees right now in philadelphia. the wind is just started to pick up out of the north-northwest at seven miles an hour. that's going to bring temperatures down and bring us some snow, too. it's really tapering off now. just a few light flakes falling
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in camelback where we've seen blowing snow too. temperatures are already dropping. doylestown and pottstown, an indication the snow has started there. 38 degrees at philadelphia international. look at northeast philly at 41 degrees. still warm for bluebell and glen glenside. as soon as the snow starts falling, the numbers start coming down. collegeville eagleville, now 31. and it is below freezing in gilbertsville. upper providence and the temperatures are going to be staying cold this afternoon. in fact, even colder. there you could he so the snow that's moved into upper bucks county and montgomery county. both areas and farther north and west where a dusting is already on the ground. you can expect a dusting of snow in philadelphia. but it won't last. that will blow right on through. the snow will be done. then we'll be watching the clouds. they'll be clearing out. but here comes bitter cold air, sweeping in behind those clouds. you'll feel it this afternoon. and then it goes even colder tonight. the forecast is calling for a
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bit of light snow. again, a gusting for some areas and then quickly out of here. gusty winds this afternoon will drop us from the 30s into the 20s later today. and the temperatures keep on falling. tomorrow morning in the city down to 12 degrees. colder and a bitter breeze blowing. we'll see sunshine and warm up to 30 degrees in the afternoon. saturday will be warmer in spite of clouds coming in. and then we've got a system that will be coming in for sunday and monday and into tuesday. it's going to bring us a combination of snow and rain. and that's finally out of here later tuesday, making for a dry day wednesday. >> thank you, bill. struggling and suffering more than two years later. >> hurricane sandy is still causing grief for some homeowners. why a new report says it's not the homeowners at fault for the delay but the state of new jersey. and there's no big winner but there is a new millionaire out there somewhere. get your powerball tickets, folks. see if you're a winner.
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6:23. and it is 38 degrees out there. it is 38 degrees out there. you're taking a live look at emmaus. it's not going to snow long and not everywhere. bill henley will be along in a minute to give us more details in his first alert forecast. from our jersey shore bureau a new report says 15,000 families are still waiting to rebuild after hurricane sandy. the fair share housing center issued the report. it said more than two years after the disaster many homeowners and renters are still suffering because of mistakes made by the state of new jersey. the report calls on state leaders to give more information about what recovery programs are out there and available. and when victims' aid money will be approved. the state says it's doled out more than $1 billion in disaster relief. fema says sandy damaged or destroyed some 37,000 homes.
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good morning. as we approach 6:30 we are seeing a lot of delays continuing to build out there on the highways. this is 76 right at conshohocken. first, let's take you outside right now where we are seeing snowflake as cross portions of the area but not here in center city yet, bill. >> no not yet. don't get used to that 38 you see on the screen because that's going to change. during the day today temperatures will plummet following the light snow we're tracking on first alert radar. you see it off to the north and west. light snow through the lehigh valley and into upper chester, montgomery and bucks counties. it's already starting to taper off in the poconos. >> thank you, bill. a toddler is dead and his baby-sitter is behind bars. >> excruciatingly painful. excruciating. >> this morning we hear from the doctor who tried to save the little boy. plus this -- >> reporter: i'm jess committee gary live in berwyn chester county. one year ago it wasn't the snow
6:26 am
it was the ice. oh, what a week that was. what residents are still frustrated by and what peco says they've changed. we'll have that coming up after the break. this winter, experience something new in new york state.
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it is just about 6:30 this thursday morning. a light snow is falling in the lehigh valley. here's a live look from emmaus. and here's a live look from chester county where it just started snowing about five minutes ago. and here's a live look from philadelphia, center city. no snow yet, but it is coming. and along with that snowfall a big temperature drop. it's also rather windy. we'll get our first alert forecast hour by hour. good morning and welcome. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get you updated on snow and bitter temperatures ahead
6:30 am
with meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. morning, bill. >> morning. the snow is falling north and west. it is falling onto warmer ground but colder surfaces cars grassy surfaces that's where we're seeing some accumulation. watch out for slippery spots because the temperatures are falling quickly as that snow moves in. now in new hanover, in chester county, into bucks county we're seeing the snow flakes. along with snow the gusty wind. and they are related. look at the winds that have picked up for pottstown, allentown and that's a cold wind. don't expect temperatures in the 30s and 40s to last long. right now 41 in northeast philadelphia. 38 degrees at the airport. you see the wind has started to pick up here at the studios. expect light snow a dusting for most areas. but that's about it. and then it's out of here by lunchtime. and the warmer temperatures that we're experiencing right now, they are long gone by 3:00. we'll be at 26 degrees with the wind blowing to make it feel
6:31 am
even colder. your hour-by-hour neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast when i come back in ten. right now let's check in with katy zachry who is in emmaus in lehigh county and has seen her share of snow this morning. morning, katy. >> reporter: good morning, bill. yeah, we're in the lehigh valley where it's been snowing since about 5:00 a.m. and this is a street right off chestnut where you can see there's light accumulation even on this side street. so cars like this one are having to go a little bit slowly. we've seen some plows in the area. as we move forward, this is what you'll wake up to if you're up here in the lehigh valley. this light coating, this gentleman was nice enough to demonstrate what you're going to have to do. it's not a shock to anyone, but it's going to add a little bit of extra time to when you're trying to get out the door this morning. so the snow is really light. i would say about a half an inch has accumulated on cars on sidewalks. and it's really a mixed bag from the pavement we're seeing. so in some cases, the snow is falling on the pavement and
6:32 am
completely melting. like if we turn around you can see this parking lot right here. but in other cases, it's sticking to the pavement. so it's just one of the things we have to keep in mind as you're headed out this morning. definitely allow for some extra time for your commute. it is cold. the wind has died down. that's good. the flakes aren't as big as they were over the last half hour or so. for a look at how it's affecting roads throughout the lehigh valley, let's go to jillian mele. >> good morning to you, katy. yeah the majors right now are looking pretty wet. that being said you can still expect to see slippery conditions there. this is route 22 at airport road. and if we check out your drive times on 78 it doesn't seem to be impacting too many people just yet. 25 to 26 minutes is what we're seeing on 78 between the delaware river bridge and the 22/78 split. pretty average start out there with the exception of that moisture on the roads. right now all of mass transit looking pretty good. no delays or incidents on new jersey transit. patco on time. same situation if you travel septa headed into new jersey
6:33 am
now. checking drive times, 42 to the walt whitman. and 295 southbound from 38 to 168 is about a 13-minute trip. tracy? >> jillian, thanks. 6:33. a little light snow today. we've been showing you, remember a year ago, peco and its customers are marking one year since that major ice storm. it knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people. our jesse gary is live near one of the hardest-hit areas, berwyn. i remember last year when this happened everybody said why can't the lines go underground, and you talked to people about that. >> reporter: i asked people about that. here's what they said. it would cost $1 million per mile to take those lines you see there and put them underground. and then there is the increased cost for repairs if something goes wrong. a bit of using a cherry picker for crews to go up to damage they'd have to cut into pavement, in the earth, make
6:34 am
repairs and then patch in the hole. some residents might be willing to swallow that considerable financial cost. almost three quarters of a million customers lost service during last february's ice storm. malvern was hard hit with hillary schmidt and her family forced out of their home for six days without service. >> i would just like to know where the damage is and a realistic estimate of when it would come back rather than just keep putting -- push the time back and back and back. >> to me improvement is something we're always looking at. we're working with utility as cross the country to determine best practices for communicating estimator restoration times for customers. we also are enhancing the ways that we communicate with customers. >> reporter: peco has also installed smart technology that can reboot the system within minutes after a disturbance. no system is foolproof, but peco
6:35 am
says they've taken all the steps they can think of to make sure that the power stays on. live in berwyn chester, jesse gary, nbc 10. this morning a delaware county man faces charges in the death of a toddler. police say daniel grafton was baby-sitting his girlfriend's 2-year-old son. authorities say he said he stepped away and when he returned he found the boy face down in a bathtub. investigators say it took almost an hour for him to take the boy to a doctor's office even though he was upstairs from a doctor's office. we spoke to that doctor who tried to perform cpr on the boy. >> i can't even tell you how much we've been affected by it, and it's going to be very hard to go back to that same place. >> grafton is charged with reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. charges could be upgraded once an autopsy is complete. 6:35. new this morning, the state of delaware will hire a consultant to study gun violence and offer strategies for police.
6:36 am
the state will pay up to $200,000 for the consulting work. the firms will work with the new strategies commission. police report 19 shootings in wilmington so far this year. 7 deaths. and now to the atlantic city casino crisis. the former revel casino could lose its power, heat and water if it doesn't pay its utility bills by 5:00 this afternoon. revel says cutting off its power would violate a court order. a nightclub at revel is suing to block the sale saying it would lose millions of dollars. also in atlantic city, caesars ceo gary loveman is stepping down. caesars entertainment group made that announcement last night. loveman will leave his post in july but will stay on as chairman. caesars largest subsidiary filed for bankruptcy protection last month. if you're waking up hoping to be a power billion multimillionaire sorry, you didn't win. no one won last night. the big jackpot, anyway. now the jackpot swells to $360
6:37 am
million for saturday night's drawing. some players from our area made out okay, though. somebody in pennsylvania purchased a $2 million winning ticket. two ticket buyers in delaware will get 1 million buck as piece. >> not bad. >> here are the winning numbers from last night's powerball drawing. 24, 36, 51, 52, 56. again, 24, 36, 51, 52, 56, powerball, 22. sorry, bill. now your first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> if i could just get the numbers ahead of time for the next drawing, that would be great. that's my business. i'm always giving number as head of time. and the numbers will be changing during the day today. right now we're tracking light snow. just a dusting is what i'm expecting for much of the area especially north and west. then gusty winds kick in and cold air moves in. temperatures that are above freezing now will be plummeting into the 20s during the day. heading out the door here's some numbers. 20 degrees right now in mount
6:38 am
pocono. light snow barely falling in the mountains. trenton is 38. that's going to come down in a hurry. and 36 in dover. that will not last either. we're watching this camera. you can clearly see the clouds. this live view from center city. so far no snowflakes. but it won't be long. we'll see light snow moving in. it's quickly moving through the lehigh valley burks county. in fact, a little heavier now. it's moving into chester county, east milford, very light snowfall. but it's just enough snow to bring the temperatures down. and winds will be kicking in behind the snow. so the temperatures will be plummeting as the day goes on. your hour-by-hour future weather shows 8:00 this morning, look at the 20s and low 30s. that's much colder than it is right now. the light snow moves through. look for a dusting but not much more than that. and most of the streets will be in pretty good shape. but though we could see some slippery spots. by 10:00 this morning, 28 in doylestown. it's this afternoon when the
6:39 am
winds get a bit stronger. and that colder air starts sweeping in. by later this afternoon, the 30s are long gone. at 5:00 today, we'll be at 24 degrees. and it gets even colder tonight. i'll show you how long that lasts when i come back in ten with the seven-day forecast. so the snow is moving into parts of our area. it's going to move fast. right now it means wet roads, slick roads, maybe. >> here's jillian mele with all the details. >> good morning. slick roads in portions of the area and then we have some volume out there. this is a live look in chester county. that's the eastbound side of the route 30 bypass at route 322. normal slowdown for drivers on the route 30 bypass in full effect right now on the eastbound side. and also we have some delays on 76. you'll notice the lines of yellow and even red. this is drive time 76 between the blue route and the vine can you see averaging about 16 to 17 minutes out there. so getting some slowdowns in both directions. if you're taking any of the area bridges, everything is clear. we're not reporting any incidents or big delays. if you're taking mass transit, everything is on or close to schedule.
6:40 am
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6:43. the first alert radar shows what bill henley has been predicting, just light snow moving through the area today. the bitter cold temperatures behind it is what you'll really notice this afternoon. we'll get an update from bill coming up in just a few minutes. police in cumberland county are investigating a second home invasion targeting the elderly in just four days. bridgeton police were called to a home on wayne road tuesday
6:44 am
night. a 74-year-old woman told police that two masked men came through an unlocked door and demanded cash. she says they ransacked her bedroom and took off without hurting her. investigators say it's similar to one that happened saturday night just a couple of blocks away. in that case police say two men armed with a knife broke into a 94-year-old's home demanded money. in that case they attacked him. he's in the hospital. police are increasing patrols in the area. a group of pennsylvania lawmakers has put together a package of bills to help students afford college. there are 13 proposals including scholarships grants loan forgiveness and incentives for job training. >> i recognize that not everyone in america will want to go to college or needs to go to college. but frankly, we need more americans going to college because it is the backbone of what made america great. >> the senators say pennsylvania has some of the highest costs for college in the nation but its state funding is only half the national average.
6:45 am
and lawmakers in new jersey say they are close to reaching a deal on the state's transportation trust fund. the fund pays for roads, bridge and rail improvements but it's not -- it is set to go broke in july. right now the details of the potential agreement are unclear. leaders have discussed possibly raising new jersey's gas tax. federal investigators are looking into that deadly collision between a commuter train and an suv in new york city. the crash killed six people tuesday night, and we have learned that eric vandercar, a penn graduate, was one of the victims. investigators are focusing on why the suv stopped on the tracks between the crossing gates. >> yeah, some activists are saying that communities need to be informed in case something happens. watchdog groups say they're now counting about 15 to 20 oil tanker trains per week passing through this region. the worst-case scenario for a derailment or crash may involve serious explosions like ones that have happened in canada and north dakota. at a meeting last night, safety
6:46 am
advocates expressed their concerns. >> there's a lot of opportunities for action for community members to make, whether it's holding our governments accountable, making sure that companies are being held accountable and making sure our communities are protected. >> watchdogs say hundreds of thousands of people across the region live in the potential impact zone for an oil train incident. industry leaders have said that safety needs to be a top priority. investigators are looking into that deadly commuter train crash north of new york city and they're focussing, again, as i just said on why the suv stopped on the tracks. >> would you know what to do if you were involved in a similar crash? coming up on "today," some tips on how to get out alive in that situation. >> nbc's jeff rossen is live at the overbrook train station here in philadelphia with a preview. good morning, jeff. >> reporter: hey good morning, guys. how are you? yeah that metro north crash had us all scared. so many people across the country, millions of people commute on these trains every single day from commuter trains to subways. and as you mentioned, six people
6:47 am
killed in that metro north crash, and it was fiery. a fireball and an explosion when that train -- when that commuter train hit that suv. and it got us wondering, would you know how to get out alive if that were your train? so we're here in philadelphia septa, the fine folks at septa agreeing to work with us. and their safety experts about how to get out alive, especially if your train is on fire. and so you normally would be able to just walk down the stair get off or get on the platform but if you watched some of the cell phone video from the metro north crash, some of the passengers who were able to escape were standing down here and screaming at people in the windows, "break the glass! break the glass!" trying to tell them how to get out. so this morning we are walking you through it step by step. how do you open the doors by yourself if the conductor or engineer are busy in the chaos? we're going to show you how to open the doors to get out. we're going to teach you where the emergency windows are, how to take them out and how to get
6:48 am
out alive in some of the worst situations that you can possibly be in. all this morning at 7:40 right here on nbc 10 on the "today" show. >> such good information. jeff, see you then. thanks so much. happening today in texas, jury selection is scheduled to begin in the trial of a man accused of killing american sniper chris kyle. >> i can't see him, i can't shoot him. >> the movie based on kyle's life has already grossed nearly $250 million and has been nominated for six oscars. a judge is expected to ask potential jurors if they have seen the film. prosecutors say eddie ray routh shot and killed kyle and another iraq war at a shooting range in 2013. authorities say the victims were helping routh, a former marine deal with posttraumatic stress. his defense is expected to focus on that illness. today on capitol hill some leading republicans will unveil a replacement for the affordable care act. officials say the gop plan with drop the mandatory coverage requirement. it would also give tax credits
6:49 am
to help lower-income people buy health insurance. the white house says president obama will veto any effort to scuttle the law. last month the aca reached its original goal of 9 million subscribers. two senators in california want to change that state's vaccination laws by eliminating the personal beliefs exemption for parents who don't want their children to be vaccinated. there are now 99 measles cases in this latest outbreak in california. many of those cases linked to disneyland. the proposed bill would focus on vaccinations required to attend school. right now california law allows exemptions for medical reasons and personal beliefs. a new breast cancer drug will soon be available. yesterday the fda approved the medication to treat an advanced form of the disease. the drug works by targeting proteins in the body involved in the growth of cancer cells. the most common side effects were low blood cell counts and fatigue. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley.
6:50 am
>> things have changed a bit since we've been on the air at 4:00. first of all, the wind has arrived. strong gusty winds will be blowing through this afternoon. and it will bring us some snow to start with. and it's going to bring these temperatures down. right now it's not bad outside at all. temperaturewise we're at 38 in philadelphia. but areas north and west have already started to come down as light snow is falling out of the clouds. not happening just yet in center city. but it is not far away. we'll see light snow to start with. and you'll see these temperatures disappear. 41 right now in northeast philly philly. wilmington is 37. but the 20s north and west that's on the way to the city. 36 degrees right now in langhorne. through bucks county you see the colder air that now moves into doylestown. it's dropped to 29 with snow moving in and light snow falling. it's 28 degrees in quakertown. that's the cold coming in with the snow. bedminster seeing snow right now. it's a little colder into
6:51 am
northern montgomery county. that snow sweeping through the area. not looking for much in the way of accumulation. a dusting for the i-95 corridor. some areas north and west will see a little bit more. i think most will see less than half an inch. and satellite will see clearing skies this afternoon. bitter cold is on the way. the winds will drive the temperatures down as the day goes on. so we're getting the warmest air right now. temperatures in the 30s to start with. we'll drop into the 20s for the afternoon commute. now, the snow will be long gone by then. we'll see sunshine. but winds gusting to 35 miles per hour will make 20s feel like the teens. we are headed to the teens overnight tonight, finally bottoming out at 12 degrees tomorrow morning in the city. so the suburbs will be colder with a bitter breeze blowing on friday. a bit warmer in spite of clouds coming in on saturday. and then we have a system coming together with a combination of snow and rain for our area starting on sunday. continuing into monday. and then tailing off on tuesday leaving us with dry weather finally wednesday.
6:52 am
we just saw jeff rossen. also there's a little snow in the lehigh valley. >> nbc 10 traffic reporter jillian mele has you covered. >> slick, wet roads in portions of the lehigh valley even burks county. if you're making your way into center city normal delays on 95. also 76 is congested in normal spots. this is 422. the eastbound side at oaks. can you see the brake lights there. things slowing down on 422 eastbound. down to route 23 that is an average delay. if you travel 422, not seeing any accidents, just that volume. from route 113, will take you six minutes. eastbound from 340 to route 113, normal volume there. and then 202 northbound from 29 to 76 will take you about seven minutes. vai? >> thanks. today is the one-year anniversary of a terrible ice storm.
6:53 am
nbc 10's jesse gary has lessons learned from that storm. jess? >> reporter: yeah, peco doing things differently a year later as far as tree trimming and technology. we'll talk about all of that right after the break.
6:54 am
6:55 am
i get out of work, and i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around,
6:56 am
"i smell cookies." i said, "oh no you just smell me, i just got out of work that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i said "don't eat me now." i'm katy zachry reporting from emmaus. up here in the lehigh valley it's been lightly snowing since around 5:00 this morning, but it's really a mixed bag. in some parts, it is sticking to surfaces like pavement sidewalks and of course your car. in other cases, we're not really seeing it stick to the major roads. this is chestnut street right in downtown emmaus where cars are traveling at a normal speed. but along some of the side streets like here on 6th street
6:57 am
they're having to go a little bit slower. on our way up here this morning, we saw a number of plows and salt trucks out in anticipation of this weather moving through. for most of you, when you go out to your car, you will have a light layer of snow. you're going to want to add for some extra time this morning. reporting from emmaus katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> reporter: i'm jesse gary live in berwyn chester county. one year ago today, peco and its customers suffered through the second worst storm in utilities history. almost three-quarters of a million customers lost service during last february's ice storm. some residents went days without service. peco managers say they learned from the problems and complaints. they now spend more money and time on problem areas, and they've installed smart technology that can better pinpoint problems and give more accurate restoration time. live in berwyn chester county jesse gary, nbc 10 news. good morning. just about two minutes before 7:00. and we are seeing that light
6:58 am
snowfall moving through portions of chester county. this is a live look at the route 30 bypass the eastbound side right at route 340. you can see eastbound has a lot of volume. also notice roads are looking wet here. that's because of that light snowfall. we're seeing that in portions of chester county even bucks county lehigh valley. that's where you really need to slow down and take your time this morning. if you're taking mass transit, we're not reporting any problems. it's been pretty quiet this morning. new jersey transit, patco, septa, everything on or close to schedule. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> snow is on schedule for much of the area. but right now cape may just starting with cloudy skies. and like much of the area the temperatures are nicely above freezing this morning. but as snow moves in, that's going to change. the snow has already fallen in camelback. it's really tapered off. very light snowfall. a dusting in some areas. no more than half an inch for the lehigh valley. the snow is moving into chester, montgomery and bucks counties.
6:59 am
you see it's a little heavier right along those northern and western borders with the lehigh valley. that's going to be destined for philadelphia. as the snow moves in that causes the temperature to come down in a hurry. thanks to evaporation. look at the winds. they are now at 24 miles an hour in philadelphia. what a turnaround. it was calm just two hours ago. and that's the wind that's going to drive the temperatures down. 34 right now in the city. but look at the 20s and the teens farther to the north in the poconos. that's what we're going to feel as we go into the day today. so gusty wind light snow at 9:00. it will be done by lunchtime. we'll be at 30 degrees. but the wind will blow the temperature down to 26 degrees at 3:00 today. and then by tomorrow morning, we're looking at numbers below the teens. 12 degrees in the city. it i will with be warmer on saturday, but you can count on some wet weather, a combination of snow and rain starting on sunday that won't end until tuesday. >> you'll keep us prepared for
7:00 am
that. the "today" show is next. see you for local updates in about 25 minutes. >> >> thanks for watching. good morning. search for answers, investigators are trying to get to the bottom of that deadly commuter accident. why was the mother of three not able to get off the track killing her and all the passengers by the train. a storm targeting tens of millions and the northeast bracing for a 30-degree temperature drob drop. expose 80 million people at risk at one of the largest insurance companies. this morning what to do if your information was compromised as the fbi investigators. and "today" exclusive. the day after the likely call that cost his


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